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The Annunciation
by Dennis Duckworth (1911-2003)
In THE ANNUNCIATION I have shown the angel and the virgin to have identical faces, to emphasize the belief that in spiritual communication ‘like flows into and is received by like’. There could have been no annunciation if Mary herself had not been in some way angelic. So, there are two stars, and there is also in the drawing what might be called ‘eye-contact’ between the two. The two chief colours of pink and blue represent the LOVE and WISDOM from which all spiritual reality and communication exist. Please note the strong lines representing the arms. The angel’s arms are expressive of ‘giving’, and the virgin’s arms expressive of ‘receiving’. Swedenborg teaches that hands and arms correspond to strength and power; and therefore the painting attempts to show something of the great power of the Divine Love and Wisdom at the time of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

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