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Madonna and Child
by Dennis Duckworth (1911-2003)
In this painting the idea of protective power is seen in the virgin’s strong arm bending round the body of the child. Mary was a Jewish girl, and to emphasize this extremely important point the Star of David is seen close to the virgin’s head. The Star of David is composed of two triangles, standing one upon the other, and representing Love and Wisdom conjoined. But this gives a six-pointed star with a centrepiece. The Star of David can also be seen to represent the six days of creation at the beginning of the Book of Genesis, with the centrepiece as representing the seventh day or Sabbath, when Jehovah rested from all the work that he had done. Therefore the babe Jesus in the Madonna’s arms had a Jewish heritage; and this is why Jesus as a man could be tempted in all things – but, being spiritually Divine, could be tempted without committing any sin. The crown in the drawing represents this. Again, the pink and the blue colouring in the painting stand for Diving Love and Wisdom as the background to it all.

Size    48 cm (W) x 64.5 cm (H)

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