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Science and Spirit – A Healing Journey
by Nic Whitham

Are you a healer, a trainee healer or thinking about embarking on your own journey of healing? If so, we have some great news for you!

We’re proud to announce the imminent publication of a groundbreaking new book on healing, written by Nic Whitham.

Nic has devoted decades of his life to the practice and research of healing, not only spiritual healing but more than twenty other healing modalities. His approach differs from many others in that he looks in depth at how these healing methods work, and believes that contemporary science can help to explain the efficacy of at least some of the treatments and diagnostic techniques he describes.

Alongside this, Nic offers detailed practical advice on running a successful healing practice, including making your client comfortable, whether to work hands-on or hands-off, respecting the client’s space, the importance of listening, and creating a calm and nurturing healing environment. Issues of consent, confidentiality and appropriate record-keeping are also covered.

Other chapters cover the Biofield (also known as the auric field) which Nic believes is central and fundamental to all healing, the chakra system, healing in ancient times and renowned healers of the more recent past. He also addresses one of the most sensitive and profound issues for any healer – healing for the dying.

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