The Elements Meditation CD’s

Six Elements

Six Elements meditation is a profound contemplation on interconnectedness and impermanence. It’s one of the most significant insight meditations you will experience. Within this meditation we reflect in turn on the six elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, and Consciousness, noting how each is in an ever changing process and not a static thing to which we can hold on to. This meditation will help you to let go.


A journey through the seasons of the year from the cold chill of winter through to the harvest of fruit and grain.  Exploring new birth of the Springtime and hibernation of the wintertime.


A journey of discovery to find a grotto deep within a wood.  Explore underground caverns and tunnels leading to the grotto where you meet Aqualia Queen of the water and her many different aspects.  Listen to what she has to say to you.


Journey through the Forest of Fire and explore its many aspects.  Allow the coloured flames to open your chakras and cleanse you of your past burdens by passing through the flames of the Phoenix.  Then leave the forest by walking over a carpet of green flames.


Explore the four great winds and meet with their masters; Euros—wind of the East, Notus—wind of the South, Zephyrus—wind of the West, and Boreas—wind of the North. Then allow yourself to return by sliding down a rainbow.


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