What is a Physical Séance

The definition of Séance in the Oxford dictionary is “a meeting at which people attempt to make contact with the dead, especially through the agency of a medium”. It has its origins in the Latin word ‘sedere’ which means to sit. Which is exactly what you do.

The purpose of any Séance is to connect with the other world or ‘after life’, in a normal Séance this may take place using a number of different communication methods such as trance, automatic writing, writing with a planchette, tapping, table tilting, ouija board or any of a number of other methods of communication. In a Physical Séance the communication involved a Physical medium who has the ability to produce ectoplasm which can be used to produce phenomenon such as trumpet phenomenon, materialization, apports, direct voice, matter through matter or transfiguration.

Sitters are checked to ensure there are no light emitting devices, recording devices, mobile phones or metal objects are taken into the Séance room.

Séances are normally held in the dark and occasionally in dim red light. The medium is normally placed in a Séance cabinet which helps the other world to contain the energy around the medium. They are also secured to a chair with the use of cable ties which are checked before and after the Séance. Windows are blacked out, doors are locked to prevent anyone attempting to interrupt the Séance.

What to Expect During a Physical Séance

During a séance you should anticipate much and expect nothing.

All séances are experimental and only if conditions are favourable will phenomenon occur.

We need to provide the correct environment and the energy to allow the spirit world to communicate and demonstrate for us.

If conditions are favourable then the possibilities are without limit, the power of the spirit can do almost anything. The most common forms of phenomena is detailed on the phenomenon page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are mediums tied and gagged in the chair

When communicators from the Spirit world materialize in the ectoplasm, all sitters need to be assured that it is not the medium moving about the séance room. When there is communication taking place if the medium is gagged then the voice can not be coming from the mediums vocal cords. It is common practice for the medium to have the binds checked several times throughout the séance to assure sitters the medium is still where he should be.

Why remove all jewellery and metallic objects?

If sitters were fortunate enough to receive an apport during the seance it must have come from via Spirit world if all sitters were checked and wanded with a metal detector. It is also the case that metal is a very good conductor of energy and there is every chance that a sitter or the medium could be badly burned if the object they are wearing comes into contact with the ectoplasm or energy in use with the room. Burns of this nature are a very serious threat to mediums who work in this way and some have died through injuries sustained in this manor.

Why do we have to sit still during the séance

Imagine the séance room is a swimming pool filled with water. Any movement will create waves and these waves will have an affect upon the medium in the cabinet. although not using water the energy within the room works in exactly the same way as water would.

Why are Physical séances conducted in the dark

Everything born to the physical world is born into darkness. From conception we develop in the darkness of our mothers womb. Ectoplasm has to do exactly the same – over time it will become accustomed to the light. Too much exposure to light in the early stages of development may extend the development time necessary for that medium.

Why is it necessary to use a cabinet

The cabinet helps the Spirit World to control and contain the energy being used around the medium. For best results it should be constructed out of natural material such as wood.

How do sitters contribute

Sitters contribute by being of one mind – this is achieved primarily by singing.

Energy is taken from each of the sitters and will help with the phenomenon or the production of ectoplasm.

I have heard it said that the energy provided by sitters is pure love.

The more we are of one mind the better the Spirit World are able to work and demonstrate for us.