Please read carefully as you may be asked to sign in agreement.

Physical Mediumship is a rare form of Mediumistic Phenomena and few Mediums subject themselves to this type of mediumship in today’s public arena. Mediums in the past have sustained serious injury and loss of life due to inappropriate conduct of persons during séances.

All  séance that are held at Banyan Retreat are for the sole purpose of experimentation, at no time will we be held responsible in any way for the content of any séance.

We request you to read and accept the following conditions. If you are unable to accept any of the conditions listed, we request that you refrain from attending a séance.

In booking your place you agree to the following:

  • Physical mediums are highly sensitive, sitters/guests agree that they will not disrupt the event in any way because any disruption could cause serious injury to the medium.
  • Physical Mediums cannot be exposed to ANY light whatsoever and accordingly all sitters/guests agree they will not do anything in any way whatsoever to interfere with the medium, with the conditions of the sessions, with the spirit communicators or to introduce any light/cameras/recording devices whatsoever. I also consent to a physical search by a representative of the Circle.
  • During the sitting, the sitters/guests undertake to act with due responsibility and to respect the medium, spirit communicators and all other persons present and to follow all instructions and or directions given by the circle leader or representative of the Circle.
  • The Physical Medium and Banyan Retreat state that during the séance and or trance event, they will take no responsibility for the effects of any communication which may occur during the séance or trance event.
  • Accordingly: When you sign the register, you sign to confirm that you are in a fit and proper condition to participate in this session and will not make any claim against the Physical Medium and his authorized agents or managers in relation to anything which may transpire before, during or after the session or as a result of it.

Please understand you are duly bound by ALL instructions & precautions.

All séance are held in complete darkness, and can last between one to two hours. If you have a fear of the darkness (Nyctophobia) or are claustrophobic, you must NOT attend the séance.

Careful procedures are taken to protect the medium. If a ticket is given to another individual other than the person whom it was sold to, that person will not be allowed to attend the séance.

Any person who is or maybe pregnant must advise a representative before booking into a séance, unfortunately we are unable to accept any responsibility for their well being, before, during or after a séance.

Individuals attending a séance MUST NOT use any unnecessary drugs or alcohol 24 hours before attending a séance.

All persons, including the medium will be searched thoroughly before entering the séance room. All items listed must be removed before entering the séance room; Shoes, Jewellery, wallets, purses, bags, head gear, belts, watches, and ALL pockets must be emptied. All metal objects must be removed, ALL sources of light, mobile phones and any electrical equipment or machinery. IE cameras/recording devices of any type will NOT be permitted at any time in the séance room without written permission. ALL participants will be searched by a member of the same sex by hand and also by a metal detector and must agree to being searched, failure to comply with any reasonable request by the persons conducting the search will result in exclusion from the séance.

If you feel you would become distressed or unnerved in anyway by a spirit person communicating verbally or physically at the event you must not attend.

It is advisable to only have a light meal two hours before a séance, so that energy is not used in digesting food.

Sitters are asked not to make any unnecessary noise during the séance unless participating in the singing or forum at anytime. They must also keep movements to an absolute minimum throughout the event.

A representative of the circle will give a talk on the séance protocols before the commencement of the séance; ALL participants must attend this pre-séance talk regardless of any previous attendances.

Once the séance room is sealed off, if a person were to panic or feel uncomfortable and wanted to leave the room, depending on the level of trance state obtained at that time by the medium would be dependant if the séance would have to be terminated, so all persons are reminded that they have a responsibility to disclose any information that may cause the séance to terminate prematurely.

It is extremely important that sitters come with an open mind to the séance. The success of the communication can come down to the positive vibration that those in attendance create. We ask that all worries and thoughts of our day to day lives are left outside and that we mentally or verbally analyse what takes place after the séance has concluded, as too much analytical thinking can impede communication. We are the only limitation to what takes place.

Once invited into the séance room, sitters are asked to sit where directed by a designated representative, where possible new sitters will be asked to sit between those who have sat in a previous séance. Once seated, we ask you to minimize movements and at no time exchange seats with any other person.

All items made or adapted to create any type of light or energy in anyway including but not limited to light bulbs will be removed from the séance room. A red light generator maybe used by the designated circle leader and is the only light source allowed at anytime in the room.

The medium will be secured into his chair with straps, cable ties and independent checkers will be invited to check the straps and bindings. An independent checker will be chosen to keep possession of the cable tie cutter at all times during the séance.

All exits to the séance room will then be closed and secured and a final light check will be conducted before the red light source is extinguished.

Sitters must remain as still and quiet as possible throughout the séance, unless instructed otherwise by the spirit control or a circle representative. There should be no clapping of hands at anytime. Over exaggerated movements disturbs the séance room energy and unexpected ectoplasm contact can cause grave harm to the medium as the spirit people are within ectoplasm that is produced and exuded from the medium’s body. It is therefore a part of him and will recoil back into his body and may cause internal damage if inappropriately disturbed.

Sitters MUST NOT touch or grab levitated objects or spirit entities, unless permission is expressly granted from a spirit person or the designated circle leader.

An opening/closing prayer will be said before and on conclusion of each séance this is not meant to cause harm or distress in any way to any persons attending regardless of that person’s creed, colour or personal belief.

All persons when instructed to do so must hold hands, this is done to ensure all persons are located in their appropriate place and also to maintain the safety of the Medium during any type of phenomena that maybe taking place within the séance room.

Attendees should note that all sessions are audio-recorded and may be published in various media, including print, audio and video formats without further notice.

Places are not refundable or transferable.