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Reiki I – A Certified Introductory Course for Tera-Mai™ Reiki & Seichem

Please contact Nic for Course dates

Starting at 10am – 1 Day Course – £125

reikiimageTraining takes place here at Banyan Retreat, during which time students will receive their attunements to Reiki I. These attunements empower the recipient to carry out their own self-healing and to share Reiki with others. Following the attunements there is a 21-28 day cleansing period for personal self-healing. Recipients of Reiki I are then encouraged to work with this energy on themselves and on others.

This complete course Reiki I, includes the history of Reiki, frequency healing with Rei and Ki energies, Reiki’s psychic and spiritual potential, how to use your individual healing gifts, how Reiki works, hand positions for self healing and healing others.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the wonderful world of Reiki. All courses include course Folder and Notes, a Certificate and Post course advice.

Reiki II – Further Attunement – open to students who have completed Reiki I

Please contact Nic for Course dates

Starting at 10am – 1 Day Course – £125

During the day recipients receive a further attunement and learn the Sacred Symbols. These symbols increase the power of channelling Universal Energy and allow distant healing to be invoked. Use of these symbols is made throughout the day.

Once again there is a 21-28 day period of cleansing.

Reiki Master – open to students who have completed Reiki II

Please contact Nic for Course dates

Starting at 10am – 1 Day Course – £150


reikiimageReiki Master is the first step towards Reiki Master/Teacher Status. (Government Education Policy requires all teachers – whether it be Painting or Reiki to have qualified teacher status and teaching insurance).

Reiki Master/Practitioner will enhance your energy flow and enhance your existing treatments.

During the day we will cover the following:

  • Learn the Sacred Reiki Master Symbols -this will include both Sanskrit and Tibetan Symbols
  • Be Attuned to the Sacred Master Symbols
  • Learn and use the Sacred Master Symbols
  • Practice Exercises to enhance their Energy Flow
  • Learn Different Meditations to help the flow of Energy

Course Leader & Reiki Master

All the Reiki courses are led by our qualified teacher and experienced Reiki Master Nic Whitham.


Private One-to-One Tuition

Private one-to-one courses are available. These can be arranged by calling us to find a mutually convenient time. There will be a £50 supplement. Please contact us for further information.

Private Group Tuition

Private groups can be catered for for at least four students. If you have a small group who wish to learn how to practice Reiki together, we can find a mutually convenient time for this to take place. Pricing remains the same. Please contact us for further information.

Transitioning from other courses

If you have been learning Reiki at other training establishments we will need to assess your current understanding and experience with Reiki before accepting you on one of our advanced courses. Different tutors adopt their own style of teaching and we need to be sure that you have the correct understanding and knowledge before progressing to the next level. This in no way a reflection on the suitability of other establishments it purely reflects our desire for YOU to obtain the most from the courses we offer.