Harry Oldfield’s Invisible Universe by Grant Solomon

Explores in depth the research of Harry Oldfield, including his attempts to establish a technique for proving a scientific basis for mystical emanations, such as visions and psychic manifestations. Describes Oldfield’s development of non-invasive healing methods, such as his electro-scanning method for obtaining a patient’s medical history.

Harry Oldfield has been working for the last twenty years to establish a technique to be able to prove scientifically that some of the stranger mystical emanations such as visions, and psychic manifestations have a scientific basis.

He has adapted his research to develop cheap non-invasive and highly effective healing methods. His Electro-Scanning Method (ESM), can ascertain an almost complete medical history from a fully clothed patient in about two minutes without asking a single question.

The QED documentary team have attended his lectures and are planning to film him on a forthcoming trip to India where several doctors have asked to meet with him.

This book his techniques and describe some of the extraordinary results that his work has achieved.

From the Back Cover:

For the last twenty years, Harry Oldfield has sought to prove that some of the stranger mystical phenomena have a scientific basis. In this work as a healer, he has developed electrocrystal therapy, which has had remarkable results that challenge established scientific ideas in an astounding way. This book explores these ground-breaking techniques and includes fascinating case histories from his patients.

The ‘QED’ documentary team have attended Harry’s lectures and are planning a film of his forthcoming trip to India where several doctors have asked to meet him.


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