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The amazing psychic psychic art of Frank Leah by Paul Miller

A talented journalist, artist and draughtsman by profession, Frank Leah possessed a far more extraordinary gift: he was the greatest psychic artist this world has seen.

This book, first published in 1943 and now made available again in a brand new edition, offers an amazing and unforgettable account of Leah’s work for the inhabitants of this world and the Spirit World. It includes numerous examples of the breathtaking likenesses he was able to draw, as those who had left this earthly plane of existence posed willingly for the artist in order that their loved ones on earth might have the comfort of knowing they were still very much alive. Nothing was too much trouble for these spirit models as they conveyed to Leah the smallest details of their bone structure, facial features, hairstyle and other unique distinguishing marks, knowing that when it comes to convincing someone of survival beyond death, it is the unique personal details which truly count.

Look and marvel at Leah’s portraits, displayed side by side with the comparison photos supplied by overjoyed relatives after the artist had completed a portrait of a loved one whose face they never expected to see again. Read and enjoy the astonishing evidence of one who left people with absolute certainty that there is no such thing as death.

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