Price List

with Nic & Steven




ElectroCrystal Therapy £35 60 minutes*
ElectroCrystal Therapy Portable Rental £75 per month
ElectroCrystal Therapy Flexi Electrode Clean and Refill £15 each
ElectroCrystal Therapy Polycarbonate Electrode Clean and Refill £20 each
Indian Head Massage £30 30 minutes*
P.I.P. Bio Energy Assessment £85 120 minutes*
Reflexology £35 60 minutes*
Reiki ** see below 20 minutes*
Spiritual Healing ** see below 20 minutes*
Meditation £30 (plus £5 each additional person) 60 minutes*
Tai Chi Qigong £30 (plus £5 each additional person) 60 minutes*

* Times are approximate for initial visits – subsequent visits do not include consultation and may take less time.
** By donation (we suggest minimum £10).


Tai Chi Qigong £7 60 mins – Every Tuesday at 10:30am
Yoga Evening £7 90 mins – Wednesday 7:00pm


Private Yoga Session
£30 plus £10 per additional person
60 minutes
60 minutes


Lifesong Holistic Voice Therapy £30 Chakra Balance
£45 Full Treatment
60 minutes
90-120 minutes


Hypnotherapy (EFT & NLP) £100 90 minutes

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Please call Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm to make an appointment on 01233 714155

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