scott2011Scott Milligan

Scott is a Physical Medium and demonstrates in seance conditions each month at Banyan Retreat.

This is a great opportunity to experience a physical séance with Scott.

Please Note: Places are only made available to people who:

  • have sat with Scott before
  • have attended a workshop at Banyan Retreat with Scott
  • are known to Banyan Retreat
  • are known to Scott


Setting Expectation:

We anticipate much, but can promise nothing.

As with all events of this nature we are in the hands of the spirit world. We ask them to work and to demonstrate as best they are able in the conditions we provide for them. So come with an open mind and an open heart and you will not leave disappointed.

To book an place with Scott please call Nic on 01233-714155.

Due to the nature of this event the number of places available are strictly limited.

Places must be paid for at the time of booking.