What you can Expect from a Séance at Banyan Retreat

  • We Uphold the Highest Standards

  • All Physical Mediums are Bound to the Chair

  • All attendees and the Medium are Thoroughly Searched

  • Two Independant Checkers are Chosen

  • Thermal Imaging Camera in the room at all times

Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint was a ‘direct voice’ medium and as can be seen in the photographs above, the ectoplasmic voice box is located on his left shoulder.

Leslie Flints conducted his direct voice séances whilst sitting wide awake and in total darkness.

He said in his autobiography that he has learnt more about life and people and human problems and emotions by sitting in the dark than he could possibly have learnt in any other way. Those who have taught him the most are people who, dead to this world, are living in the next.