What is Phenomenon?

In the context of Physical Mediumship, phenomena is the manipulation of matter by the spirit world sometimes involving the use of ectoplasm. There are many variations of this type of phenomena which is explained further in the topics below.


The word ectoplasm was formed from the Greek ‘ektos’ meaning ‘outside’ and ‘plasma’ meaning ‘something formed’. As with all things in our world, it is ‘born into darkness’ and is extremely sensitive to light (especially in the early days of the mediums development).  It can be produced in the pancreas or in the adrenal glands of the medium, and exude from any of the body orifices including the navel.  It has a damp, earthy, musty odour and resembles a delicate gossamer material. It is formed from white and red blood cells, sulphur, lining from the gut, skin, fabric from room, sitters vibration and energy from the spirit world.  It is taken from the energy into the mediums body and is connected to their nervous system.  It has to be de materialized before being returned to the mediums body in the form of vapour.  This is why it can cause damage when returned to the body too quickly.  The ectoplasm must never be touched unless invited to do so by the spirit communicator.  On occasions sitters may be asked from which bodily orifice they would like to see the Ectoplasm produced.


The same as Ectoplasm but devoid of life.


The spirit communicators may for example, scour the ocean floor for an old coin or small trinket that they can bring in to the Séance room by de materialization from its original location and then materialize it within the séance room. The item must be unloved or they can not take it.

Direct Voice/Independent Voice

The Spirit team are able to create a voice box external to the mediums body made with ectoplasm.  A communicator from the Spirit world is then able to mould the ectoplasm into a voice box similar to the one they would have used in their own physical body whilst on the earth.  As this is completely independent of the medium it is true spirit communication and does not pass through the mediums mind.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Where voices are heard on electronic recordings. These voices on the recordings would not be audible to sitters whilst the recordings were being made.

Matter through Matter

It is possible for the mediums spirit team to manipulate matter and pass objects through objects. It is possible for the medium to be removed from his restraints and later be returned to them with no cutting or change to the restraints during the séance. Whilst the medium is producing ectoplasm it is easier for the physicists in the spirit world to de materialize parts of their body as explained by Magnus (through the mediumship of Colin Fry) in the following quote.

“When the ectoplasmic substance is extracted from the body, my friends, the molecular structure of the body is more able to pass through matter, for it is after all, the ectoplasmic substance that binds physical matter”.

Materialisation or Manifestation

Where something is created or the appearance of matter from unknown sources. It is the transformation of something abstract or virtual into something concrete and tangible. Full materialization mediums have the ability to allow sitters loved ones to manifest from the ectoplasm and feel as real as they were when in this world. This is very rare phenomenon but without doubt the best.


The ability of the mediums spirit team to build a mask from the ectoplasm over the mediums face. Normally within red light, spirit communicators are able to impress their facial features within the mask and be recognized by sitters. Some mediums have the ability to allow the communicator to also use their voice box to speak.

Trumpet Phenomenon?

Séance trumpets are conical shaped objects usually marked with luminescent tape and open at each end.  They are held at the smaller diameter end by the ectoplasm in a manner which resembles a clamp.  Once the ectoplasm is attached the trumpet can be raised and moved around the room by the ectoplasm.  The ectoplasm is always connected to the medium and the trumpet may touch any of the sitters, usually with an affectionate roll or tapping motion.