Our Mission

Spiritual Path

In addition to Natural Healing modalities we also promote Spirituality and Mediumship.  Connecting with the Spirit World is as natural as breathing air.  We all have an ability of mediumship from Healing to Physical Mediumship and you will find demonstrations of these different aspects here at Banyan Retreat.  We hold regular one-to-one consultations, group demonstrations, Physical Seances, Healing and Trance Healing.  Take a look at our events page for further information.

Natural Healing

There are many complementary treatments and therapies available today, we believe whatever the healing channel, the healing energies originate from a Divine source. Healing is a soul process, not just a physical one. Every individual is a combination of physical body, mind and spirit. These are the three aspects of one’s total self. They are not divisible, and are essential parts of the whole. When we are sick, the natural unity between mind body and spirit has been disturbed, healing power touches the soul and recharges the energies necessary to establish the harmony which has been disrupted.

Healing energies flow in a variety of ways through numerous mediums and channels. Not all channels are appropriate or acceptable for each one of us. At Banyan Retreat we strive to match the appropriate healing channel with the individual. Only when the patient and healer are relaxed, comfortable with each other and in a peaceful environment allowing the healing energies to flow, will the recovery process begin to restore harmony between physical body, mind and spirit.

It is important to mention that the medical profession work mainly with the chemical and atomic make-up of the human body and how differing drugs and organisms can affect it and also cure certain conditions. We should remember that there is also a life energy field associated with each living organism. This life energy field is where we focus our work. When any of our life energy centres (Chakras) or meridians are congested, the life energy field is blocked preventing the natural flow of life energies around the body. Eventually, if the energy flows are not restored to their normal working pattern, sickness and ailments will manifest in the affected areas. If you accept and understand this process, then it should also make sense that early diagnosis and subsequent restoration of restricted or congested life energy flows will prevent problems manifesting themselves in the physical body. This is where our PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) system (developed by Dr. Harry Oldfield) can assist. PIP will show the life energy flows around the human body, identify congested areas, show where imminent problems are likely to occur and also show where past problems have left their mark Having identified an area of concern any of the complementary therapies which rebalance our body life energy field will help the healing and repair process. Once a problem manifests itself in the physical body it is much harder to cure than when it started as a problem with the life energy flow. Hopefully, you will now understand why we should focus on preventing problems manifesting themselves in the physical body by addressing them where they originate in the life energy field.

We believe that one day the medical profession will embrace these facts and eventually diagnosis of human body will take place by analysing the life energy field in a similar way to that which we do at Banyan Retreat today.