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About Spiritual Healing

Often referred to as the ‘laying on of hands’, Spiritual Healing is the ability of our friends and doctors in the world of spirit who are knowledgeable in the field of human medicine, to channel their healing power and the universal healing energies through a person (or medium) here on the earth plane for the good of others.

No matter whether the suffering is physical or mental, Spiritual Healing will aid your recovery. Targeting and working on the root cause of a problem which usually starts with restricted energy flow around the body, or congestion in one of the Chakra areas long before it manifests itself as a condition in the physical body. Healing will often help with the recovery from serious illness, major surgery and from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy/radiation therapy. It is by no means limited to this area. It compliments and works well with all other forms of natural and traditional medicine.

Distant (or absent) healing is available for your loved ones who are not able to attend our centre in person, just ask to add their names to our healing list.

As the healer relaxes and allows him/herself to clear their mind, this allows the spirit entity (or guide) to draw close and gain varying degrees of control and influence over their healer whilst they are in this meditative state. During this time the healer will focus their attention on the highest source of Peace and Love in the higher realms. This process known as attunement, takes a few minutes to achieve and when the spirit entity and mediums energies have merged they create a channel for Devine Healing energy to flow from the higher realms down to the physical world and the healing process begins. The healer will place their hands over, and sometime on the area of the body in need of healing. Many times the healer may not be aware of the condition of the person being healed or their actions during the healing session. The person receiving healing may be aware of this gentle and subtle energy force in contact with their body and will feel calm, relaxed for the duration of the healing session and for a short while afterwards. They may also experience a noticeable change in their attitude to life.

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History of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing goes back to Biblical times when Jesus practiced healing on many, many people. Showing all how powerful this Healing Energy can be.

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