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About Electrocrystal Therapy

ElectroCrystals Therapy, uses the amplification and natural healing properties of high quality crystals to balance the natural energy field around the body. Established in 1979, it is a registered Complementary Medicine in several countries and has successfully helped thousands of patients with a multitude of mental and physical conditions.

When the energy field around the body is blocked or congested in any way, we are not functioning at our best and eventually these congested or blocked areas may cause a condition to manifest itself in the physical body. The ElectroCrystals treatment itself is non-invasive and balances this energy field by the use of pulsed high frequency electromagnetic stimulation of crystals. Crystals are used and have been used in connection with natural healing for many centuries. Flexible crystal electrodes are placed around the body area in need of balancing.

Your treatment will start with a E.S.M. (Electro Scanning Method). Standing fully clothed you will hold a Polycarbonate tube filled with many different crystals. The body’s energy field is then boosted by harmless signals induced by the ElectroCrystals generator via the Polycarbonate tube. The energy field can then be measured with a handheld scanner. These results, which can show past, present and future problems are analysed, and the appropriate ElectroCrystals therapy treatment can be arranged. During the actual treatment you may sit or lie down whilst tubes or electrodes which are quite flexible are wrapped around or laid upon the areas of you body which require treatment. A variety of different types of crystal electrodes are used for each area of the body to be treated. The crystal electrodes are then connected to an electro-magnetic generator, which produces the required normalizing energy frequency that the individual’s energy field requires. The normalizing frequency is calculated using the results of an E.S.M. (Electro-Scanning Method) Scan.

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History of Electrocrystal Therapy


Developed by Dr Harry Oldfield in 1979 in Ruislip, North London, U.K.. After many years of crystal research, ESM experiments and later with the use of his P.I.P. equipment, Harry discovered and explored the Chakra system for himself. This is the first time anyone claimed to have detected a chakra with a scientific instrument. Using his understanding of the relationship between endocrine glands, the chakras and the human energy field, Harry was able to work out when certain areas of the energy field were out of balance. Experimenting with different crystals he was able to work out how to restore balance effectively.

In the future Harry hopes to be able to record a persons energy field when they are healthy and replay the frequencies in times of ill-health to the affected areas of the body.

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Books About Electrocrystal Therapy


Dark Side of the Brain on CD


This is Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill book – Dark Side of the Brain on CD.  No longer in print this is the only way to obtain this valuable and interesting book about the Human Bio Energy Field.


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