Complementary Therapies and Consultations


I understand that all types and forms of complementary therapies are not intended to replace allopathic/traditional medical treatment and care rather that they are intended to work side by side with these treatments. Nor are they intended to replace proper diagnoses and/or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

I accept that this consultation is offered as a scientific experiment only and that no specific results can be guaranteed by the therapist/practitioner/reader. I further accept that any guidance given to me is for me to consider only. Any decisions and choices that I make as a result of that guidance or this consultation are my legal and personal responsibility only, both now and in the future.

I take full responsibility for understanding and agreeing to the terms as outlined above. I further accept that the consultation offered me is not intended as a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but is a complementary therapy that is intended to work side by side with conventional treatment. Furthermore, I accept full responsibility for my own wellbeing and for reporting my physical and psychological health to my own GP/family doctor/consultant.


Private Consultation with a Medium

The Reading is a form of experiment; no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. The medium is not here to tell fortunes but to try to give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time. He/she can only give communications received through his/her own spiritual connection.

If it becomes clear within the first 10 minutes of the reading that a satisfactory communication has not been established, then either the medium or the sitter may terminate the reading and the fee will be refunded. After this point the sitter is deemed to accept the sitting as satisfactory. The sitter may see or hear things which they may not have experienced before; if they feel they may be vulnerable they should leave before the reading begins and the fee will be refunded.

The sitter certifies that he/she is not aware of any medical condition or psychiatric condition which might affect his/her interpretation of the reading and that he/she is voluntarily seeking these services for him/herself and assumes full responsibility for the outcome.


Mediumship Demonstrations

Any demonstration of Mediumship is an experiment and results are not guaranteed. Those attending any demonstration at Banyan Retreat must be aware that Spirit Communication will be attempted and should you choose to attend you will be willing to take part in this experiment. Differing opinions exist as to the validity of mediumship and those opting to attend do so freely and being aware of this. Banyan Retreat will not be held responsible for any information given by the medium/psychic.

The Team