Bio Energy Field Assessments


Bio Energy Field Assessments are available at Banyan Retreat using


PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography)




and Biofield Viewer


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About Bio Energy Field Assessments

This system is a visual, non-invasive scanning system will reveal where current problems may exist and where developing issues might arise. Using a real time moving image of the body’s energy field (or aura) the operator can diagnose and monitor problems associated with your bio energy field. If addressed early enough, this may prevent disease or infection manifesting itself in the physical body.  It can show past, present and future conditions and imbalances in the energy field.

By analysing the different light/energy intensities within the bio energy field of the person being scanned, the computer software will display how the bio energy field interacts with full spectrum lighting allowing the operator to accurately assess any problems or potential problem areas.

Through specially developed software, we can look at photon (light) interference and its changes in and around the body. The innovation is in the computer software which allocates a number to each specific grade or frequency of light and then recodes every number to the visible light range so we can see it and analyse it.

Take a look at the following images:

You will be required to undress to your underwear for a few minutes whilst the scan is in progress.

You will be able to take away a copy of your images on a CD.

Available Every Day by Appointment

What are the benefits of Bio Energy Field Assessments

Scanning will enable the practitioner to make a bio energy assessment, which leads to a better understanding of your health. Areas of well-being are indicated by a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colours, with diseased and stressed areas showing as distorted, darker and congested pools of energy. This enables us to uncover the root disharmonies of any disease and this system therefore enables effective monitoring of an ongoing condition.

When the body’s endocrine system/chakra is out of harmony, the gland becomes a transponder, in that it functions both as receptor and transmitter of signals, receiving and radiating vibrations. If an area is balanced, in harmony, one colour will predominate. Each chakra has a certain colour frequency that it best resonates with in a state of good health – the throat chakra has more of a blue hue when it is healthy with symmetrical bands.

To be able to see in advance possible energy field problems; potential health issues which may impact our lives in the near future; and to see what effect our diet and everyday stress levels are placing upon our body sounds very futuristic. It is not – it is all possible today using this technology

Are you interested in owning one of these systems yourself?

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How to prepare for your scan

It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing on the day of your visit and preferably wear white underwear.

Have your own video footage processed:

If you have interesting video footage in DV tape format that you would like processed through these systems, please call us to discuss the details. Ideally this footage should be recorded at normal speed in full spectrum lighting for best results. Post off your video tapes to us for processing and we will view the tape through the system and send you images that we have taken from the footage.