One to One Tuition is available for the following:

Led by Steven our Tai Chi Qigong Instructor

Introducing our Programme

qigong3Steven has an exciting new programme planned for the coming months. In addition to practicing the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set One, Steven will be introducing the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set TWO. This is a great set of new movements for you to learn which brings balance to the Qigong Shibashi Set One. The first set focuses on movements for the upper body, with the second set there is more focus on movements for the lower body.

The aim of this revised programme is to keep you moving throughout the session with only brief periods when you will need to watch Steven demonstrate any new movements.

Steven is also available for one-to-one Qigong sessions throughout the week

£25 for 60 minutes (plus £10 per additional person)


 Led by our Yoga Tutor






One to one tuition is available:

  • to help develop improved postural alignment
  • muscle tone
  • core strength
  • personal practice development

all using yoga and relaxation techniques, tailored to match your individual needs and aims.yoga5

£25 per hour (plus £10 each additional person).

Meditation led by Nic

NicPersonal Guided Meditation – £25 per hour (plus £10 per additional person)
Please ask for group bookings

Focus on your Mind-Body connection and experience an awakening

Whether indoors or out in the beauty of nature, meditation can change our moods, our minds and the way we interact with the world. We offer guided meditation, classes on Stress and Breath Awareness, The Power of Presence, Awakening the Wisdom Within, Conscious Choice.

For further information – please contact us