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England's Premier Independent Spiritual Development Centre & Natural Healing Sanctuary


Banyan Retreat is a small non-residential day retreat in the heart of Kent.

We offer Natural Healing modalities, Mediumship Development Workshops and Demonstrations to promote Spiritual growth.

We work with only the best mediums and tutrors and great care is taken with everyone who visits to ensure you encouraged along a Spiritual Pathway which is right for you.

Banyan Retreat is a 'Not for Profit' Organisation.

What we offer

We pride ourselves on having only the best tutors working with us here at Banyan Retreat. we are blessed to have people like Eileen Davies, Jan Dayton, Scott Milligan, Christine Morgan, Mavis Pittilla, David Thompson and many many others who uphold high standards of mediumship. We have a number of workshops and demonstrations taking place each month.

We have achieved stage four accreditation with UK healers and British Alliance of Healing Associations for our certified two year Spiritual Healing Course.

We teach Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem as we believe this is the most balanced form of Reiki Mastership available.

Banyan Retreat is dedicated to the work and communication of the spirit world. This work is the primary reason why we are here.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible get in touch with their inner self and the infinite possibilities the spirit world has to offer. Learning to love and learning to give means becoming increasingly selfless, only by doing this and connecting with our inner self can we express ourselves and evolve.

Communication take place here each month in the form of Private Sittings, Evenings of Mediumship and Trance Communication Evenings and Physical mediumship seances. When touched by the spirit world your inner light shines much brighter and you find an inner sense of peace and wellbeing.

Natural Healing is Non medical treatment which promotes better health; analysis of your lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise and most importantly your stress levels. Promoting greater harmony between Mind, Body and Soul.

How Will it Help You? When we have a build-up of stress, our bodies are slow to respond to instructions from our brain. The nerves are tense and message communication with our brain is slowed as a result. All treatments are designed to reduce the effects of stress and induce deeper relaxation. This allows our bodies to function properly.

Take a look at the treatments we offer and see how and why they will help you.

We support two charities:

German Shepherd Rescue Elite – we help to rehome rescue dogs throught the Kent region.  All our dogs are rescue dogs and we have supported this charity for a number of years. logo-on-light
Demelza House – each year at Christmas time we collect toys and gifts for the termially ill children who are supported by Demelza House. demelza

Events - Not to be Missed

EASTER WEEKEND: Thursday 24th – Monday 28th March, 2016

This will be great time of learning and to experience some of the best mediumship has to offer. Wonderful experienced tutors who will also be demonstrating as well as teaching throughout this four day period.

Scott Milligan

Scott Milligan

Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan

Mavis Pittilla

Eileen Davies

Jan Dayton

Jan Dayton

David Thompson

David Thompson

Throughout the four days you will experience séances with David Thompson and with Scott Milligan. Lectures, demonstrations and workshops with all the tutors.

There will be opportunities for you to experience Trance Healing with Scott or David, Private Readings or Spiritual Assessments with Eileen or Christine. Jan will be offering mediumistic reading with a Spirit Portrait or alternatively as Soul Plan Reading.

Single – £575
Twin share – £480
Non Resident – £385

All prices are fully inclusive of workshops, demonstrations, accommodation and meals.

For further information, please click the link below:


eileenJoin Eileen on this wonderful journey of mediumship development. Over the next twelve months you will come together over eight weekends to develope your mediumship and learn all aspects of becoming a medium and Spirituality.

Take a look at the website for further details by clicking the link below


Click Here for further information.

logoScott invites you to join him on this voyage of self discovery, exploring the many possibilities as your mediumship unfolds.

This mentorship will focus mainly on developing your entranced state. This will allow the spirit communicators to come forward and offer guidance on how your mediumship should unfold as you move forward on your development journey.

Click Here for further information.

Mavis Pittilla speaks about her recent visit to Banyan Retreat

Mavis Pittilla speaks about Spirituality and Communication

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Web Design

Take a look at some of the web sites we have created and maintain over recent years. Resonable rates and hosting fees. Expert design and support when you need it.

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Our Monthly SoulQuest Service takes place at 3pm on the first Sunday of most months. Come along and join us. Take a closer look at the work which takes place at SoulQuest.

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Physical Mediumship

Take a closer look at Physical Mediumship and some of the Physical Mediumship events which take place at Banyan Retreat. Start your journey of discovery in this area of interest now.

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